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Hi. My name is Curt Rabinak. I am an animator, illustrator, digital designer, programmer, and probably some other stuff. I have a background in animation but I enjoy programming and learning new languages. I primarily started out in Flash but have since expanded out. I also really enjoy drawing comics.

Two people

You are an animator, and illustrator, a jack of all trades. You like to draw and program. You like to work in digital space.

What more do you need to know?

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This is Curt’s site. He is an animator, programmer, illustrator, and Arkham Horror fan based in Chicago, Il USA. He has a background in animation and sometimes draws comics. In the past, he has also created a number of games as well. What a guy!

A questing fellow

Drawing up to the small hut, you feel the Emberblade slowly hum in your bag, signaling the energies from last battle slowly seeping back to the Earthen Wards below. Your horse gently trots to a stop as you eye the cabin. Small puffs of smoke emerge from the chimney, revealing this particular home is occupied. Perhaps you can barter for supplies on your way to Dundereon Peak. Or perhaps it could be filled with soldiers of Alk’az Aham, the Witchking of Crows?

Explore the Cabin.

Draw the Emberblade and wait.

Ignore the cabin and continue on.

grit grit grit

The city is hot. Hot like a flame just before it goes out forever, burning as bright as it can. The city, burning that skin, is where life all hits the bricks.

For me, the burning never stopped.

One skill traded for the world under this neon fornication of untarnished hope, crushed to pulps of old lies and twisting knives. Something else caught my eye though, like a hook through a fish’s lip.

Her name was Gloria. She was an angel. Gloria. The name felt like rain. A name that cooled the whole burning city. She danced with the angels and could sing like the clouds. I felt the bones beneath my muscles ache and tear as the bullets worked their way from in to out. No pain, no feeling. Not until this is over.

Not. Until. This. Is. Over.



A nice fellow

Curt Rabinak is a very good person. I have found that Curt is quite capable at accomplishing tasks and would gladly hire him again to pull a heist.

A robot

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