30 minute logos

I’ve started doing a personal challenge, which I guess I’m going to call “30 minute logos” because that’s what it is. Using a random word generator, I picked two words to create a random company name and gave myself 30 minutes (probably more like 45 here) to come up with a bunch of logos based around them.

The random company name this time was Encryption Sponge. I had a lot of strike-outs on my initial attempts. I immediately thought of a lock made from a sponge. One of the problems I came across was that a sponge is full of holes, which contradicts the whole idea of encryption and security, so a lot of my failure fell into that pit.

The Finalists

Three logos for Encryption Sponge

I originally worked off a bold text padlock design, which I then reworked to include some sponge motif. The third option was an alternate break from the first two, using a more stylized and simplified sponge image and using some binary as decoration (which I am not too wild about after the fact). The second design is probably my favorite.

I’m going to try and do this a bit more regularly. I don’t expect anything too amazing out of it, but its a fun exercise to do and forces a little bit of creative thinking (plus the randomly generated names are kind of fun).

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