30 minute logos

Another 30 Minute logo challenge. The words today were “Alphabetic Raven”. It sounds like it’d be a book company or some sort of literary body, so I stuck with primarily serif fonts and figured you can’t have a “raven” in your name without depicting a raven somewhere (option 3 is what I picture with no raven).

logos for Alphabetic Raven

I like the “ABC” raven of the first design. Cooper Black always gives me a slightly retro feel. This is probably my favorite of the designs. It’s pretty bold and I really enjoy the triangular shape of it.

Design two is kind of a more “hipster” version. I added some quick swirls to the edges (these could probably have more detail fleshed out) and went for a more “hand drawn” font that hipsters really like. It just screams “Come buy some Kurt Vonnegut at my biblio-cafe” doesn’t it?

Design three omits the raven and uses just the initials in a block. Simple and square.

I imagined a window for design four. A different pose for the raven with some fancier font added. The diamond up top could be taken or left though. I stripped a bunch off of this because I didn’t want to muddle up the name block. Now that I look at it, the name needs to be vertically aligned a bit better, but I’m leaving it as is. These are just rough drafts after all and I want to keep my mistakes so I can pay attention to them better in the future.

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